About Us

Hello everyone, I am Yash working as a Digital marketing analyst and inspiring blogger with an obsession with all things in the digital world. This blog dedicated to all people for who want to know about -Travel, foods, technology, Mobiles, internet, updates, and information etc. I have 4 + years of experience in Digital marketing, SEO, content writing and  I am working with all online marketing strategies.

Yashvani.com is a source of Food, Drinks, Travel, Health and Fitness, News, Entertainment. It is operated by owning. it has content not only aggregated from leading content providers around the world but also has original content we created by us.

I was studying in school, I participated in essay, drawing, competitions, and won, where I explored my creativity, learned new things and found how to write the essay and how to write articles in right manner. so it is my hobby and after the graduation. I learned digital marketing & I made the career in the digital field and learned many things. since then I have been working as a digital marketing Analyst. I learned, inspired by many types of blogs, websites and seen therefore so I am starting my own blog now.
I am currently a part-time blogger – a Yashvani.com (pro-blogger).